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If it ain't on didn't happen

For some it's about lust
For some it's power
For some it's just company

Tales To Tell

2019-Costumes Optional_Doug_Cyborg_Perga.jpg

This journal acts as confessional to these candid revelations. Tales of stolen moments of shameless abandon. When you succumb to animal instincts & base desires in a brief lustful encounter; releasing all those pent-up energies & frustrations in a sensual explosion of hedonism.
Yet underlying this is a hunt for some kind of solace, acceptance and affection even. Yearning for those vapid compliments and meaningless flattery that help stem the loneliness. Searching for power and control over another’s immediate pleasure, but which ultimately leaves a hollow empty space.

"Photographs will offer indisputable evi­dence...that fun was had"

Susan Sontag On Photography

Beach Art
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